Whether you're a full time performer or just a weekend hobbyist, our services provide you with all of the necessary tools to:


Increase Your Exposure

Set up a professional EPK with photos and videos that will be publicly available. Whether it's a booking manager at a venue or an event planner for a private party -- anyone can book you straight from your profile!


Maximize Your Profits

Keep more of the money you earn with our 0% commission policy for all Premium members. Easily receive these earnings via direct deposit into your bank or Venmo account!


Manage Yourself

Track your shows and payments, set your availability, and contact venues and event planners all within MajorGig. This one-stop-shop will seamlessly keep your performance business well-organized.


Advertise Confirmed Gigs

All gigs booked on MajorGig are automatically added to the map on our Shows page for the public to view.

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